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PDF – Finding your purpose

“A double-minded man is unstable in all he does”
Your true purpose is found within your passion, vision, and mission.

By: Peter Holmes

PDF – Health and Wellbeing

Steps to reinvigorate your life by assessing your time and passion.

By: Peter Holmes

PDF – Grief and Loss.

Understanding grief and steps to assist during this difficult time.

By: Peter Holmes

Technology – The Dangers of Texting

A powerful video that everyone should view.

Did you know one teenager holds the world record for texting continuously over 300,000 texts per month? (Watch the interview in this teaching). In this video, I present powerful informative teaching on the dangers of texting and technology today. We may know some of the dangers, however, do we truly understand the impact it can have on those we love. As adults, we must not only protect our children and loved ones from these dangers, but we must also place boundaries in our own lives to ensure we live healthy, long lives. Technology is great, however, many are unaware of the dangers associated with becoming additive to it, or using it in potentially dangerous situations. This teaching highlights the dangers associated with texting through no holds barred teaching and testimonial documentary videos. Peter


What every parent needs to know about youth

A powerful  4 part – 14 minute videos that everyone should view.

In these four short videos, Peter interviews two youth workers who deal with the issues of young people each day. Many topics that face the youth of today are presented in this interview.  Both Michael and Rachael will speak on the dangers, signs to look for, and the actions needed to ensure your youth are living a positive, healthy, happy life lifestyle.


View powerful life-changing teachings on Youtube?

Search Youtube and find hundreds of teaching sermons from Peter on Successful Living during his time from 2002 – 2014 as Senior Pastor at The Rock Christian Church.

Simply search – Pastor Peter Holmes or Reverend Peter Holmes on youtube, where you will find over 100 teaching videos from  Peter, his Assistant Pastors, and Guest Speakers at The Rock Christian Church