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My story and why I began Choices Australia. – Peter

Choices Australia was birthed out of passion and desire to assist others to achieve.

I count it a privilege to work within my true passion and call while helping others to prioritize their work and personal lifestyle choices and learn from my hard-learned mistakes on the road to finding true success.

Below I have included part of my testimony which will assist you in understanding why I have decided to dedicate my life to encourage, coach, and mentor others to remain healthy and happy as they find success in all they do.

I believe living a well-balanced wholistic lifestyle will help ensure sustainability to run within their vocation as a successfully trained marathon runner who fulfills their goals and objectives in life while remaining strong in spirit, body, and soul.


In 2013 I was diagnosed with incurable brain disease (Chronic Ischemic Cerebral SVD). This disease damaged and destroyed brain cells and formed multiple white matters in my frontal lobe. This was discovered after an MRI of becoming severely burnt out that year. Then in early 2020, I was then diagnosed with an enlarged aortic heart valve and also a descending aortic aneurysm 3 months later. These thankfully are curable but will require open-heart valve replacement surgery and vessel repair before they grow large enough to tear and cause death. Specialists have confirmed these diseases are primarily the result of prolonged stress, overworking, and unwise choices. Unfortunately not many know or understand the dangers of leading a stress-filled life with full schedules and agendas and no time to fill your personal tanks. On September 20th, 2020, I resigned from my position as Portfolio Manager and semi-retired to not only reduce stress but to pursue my desire and passion for assisting others further in Health and Wellbeing awareness.

During my career, I have had the privilege to fulfill all I set out to achieve in the corporate and private sector and have worked within roles many would dream of doing, however, it came at a huge cost to myself and those I love. Hence, why I am passionate about the health and wellbeing of others more than ever before. Now, I can hopefully assist people to re-evaluate their choices and set positive boundaries within their lives to ensure health, happiness, and wholeness abounds, while also imparting lessons for success and fulfillment within their corporate and private lives.

From a very young age, I was very driven and committed to succeed by fulfilling my corporate and personal goals without realizing the impact it would have on my health. The root cause of my unhealthy driven lifestyle had originated from a very abusive childhood living in 42 houses in the first 15 years of my life and 15 schools in the first 10 years. Since being married in 1982, Sue and I have only shifted five times. Four of those five houses were purchased and one as a rental until our next house could be found to purchase. For the first 15 years of my life I was continuously told by my stepfather amongst beatings that I was useless and would never amount to anything. My mother and I had to shift many times as a result of her relationship with my real father and stepfather over the years. Unfortunately, this sent me down the path of self-destruction and lead me to become a very driven person, whose work commitment and hours performed without boundaries became detrimental to my health.

I came to truly understand the importance of boundaries and right choices, as I believe good choices are the keys to unlock all personal and business success while maintaining a healthy happy lifestyle.

I now see my life as a “wounded healer”. Once wounded, but healed to assist others to not make the same mistakes on their journey through life.

If you feel we could assist you in any way and would like to use our services or even catch up for an informal no cost coffee and chat, I would love to hear from you. Pete Holmes

 Pete Holmes 

Ps. Peter Holmes / Founder

Pathway to success

Follow your dreams, live in your passion, maintain good boundaries, and achieve your goals.

As human beings, we all have been blessed with a deep passion for something. However, with the pressures, deadlines, work commitments, and financial struggles many lose their passion. They find themselves tired, burnout, or experience an existence of mundane rituals and duties that extract the very life out of them and diminish what they have been created to enjoy.

Don’t let your life, your dreams, and your passion be destroyed and lost by not setting correct boundaries to ensure your life at work and personal time is balanced and fulfilling. Ensure you do not become “A dead man or woman walking” through life.

Remember it is important to set goals in life, be committed to them, strive to fulfill them but remember do not let the goals control you. Do not get so driven to achieve them you get lost in the stress and time required to conquer them. Ensure you keep a good balanced mindset and lifestyle or your goals may own you and lead you on a path to burnout and stress. When setting your goals ensure you break them down into achievable smaller goals and celebrate each milestone of achievement towards your ultimate goal.

Pete Holmes.

Choices Australia founder Peter Holmes has assisted countless numbers of people both nationally and internationally over the last 30 years within his corporate business and NFP career. These individuals and organizations have been positively impacted by his leadership seminars, keynote speaking engagements, and individual coaching and mentoring sessions.

Why not contact us to have Peter speak or teach at your next seminar or corporate event.

My first business.

I began one of my first businesses was at 21 when I started a number of successful martial arts clubs in Brisbane. After 25 years of training and 19 years of teaching and coaching, I decided to retire and pass the clubs on. During that 19 years, I also began a successful entertainment business for 12years and purchased two other businesses, while still continuing to achieve my goals within the corporate management and NFP sector where I continued until 2020 as detailed in my testimony above.


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