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Leadership Training


Needing accelerated growth for individuals, leaders, and executives? (We are here to assist)


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Leadership Training

Trouble shooting? Needing accelerated growth for individuals, leaders and executives? (Don’t worry, we can assist)

Because of my past 30 years of experience within the business, management, and leadership roles, I believe we can offer you one on one personal or corporate leadership assistance that is vital and relevant to enhance and empower you personally, or your current and upcoming leaders within your business. Peter Holmes.

Leadership Training is an important driver of organizational success. By enhancing your people leaders’ and employees’ knowledge and skill set, you improve the retention, engagement, and productivity of your workforce.

The thing with working with human beings, is they are human beings. This means sometimes they need a little help.

That’s why our leadership development program is customized to each individual’s challenges and areas for growth.

We offer single leadership seminars or personal three, six, and twelve-month leadership and executive mentoring/ coaching programs suited around you and your schedule as an individual. As well we provide staff support programs for performance, work-related stressors, career development, and more.



From instructor-led workshops, e-learning, and real-time virtual classrooms choose a training format to suit your needs.

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Programmes to improve retention, engagement, and productivity


Cooperation and building bridges can be learned and
should be practiced.

Respect in the Workplace

Learn the tools to create and maintain a respectful workplace.


How to communicate, problem-solve, and take a team approach in a multicultural setting.

Conflict Resolution

Assess conflict common in the workplace.

Stress Management

Effectively manage stress for optimal health, well-being, and productivity.

Workplace Development

Enhance your employees’ abilities with coaching, leadership training,  and more.

Effective Communication

Good communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal behaviours, as well as the ability to speak with confidence.

Time Management

Plan, organize and strategize to reduce stress and accomplish more, both at work and at home.