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What is occupational Health & Wellbeing?

Occupational health focuses on the way your work affects your health. It is about making sure a person is fit for the job they do.

Ensuring that your workforce remains happy, healthy, and motivated throughout their employment with you will help to maintain high standards of practice and increase productivity; resulting in a profitable, successful business. Unfortunately, many staff doesn’t feel comfortable speaking to their supervisors, managers, or team leaders about issues they are having within their role or private lives and most tend to speak with their feet as they leave the company. This then places an unwarranted and unnecessary burden on the company as it leaves a void in staff, the added cost of recruiting, re-training, and pressure placed on other staff members to fill the void until a replacement is found. Good staff retention is paramount for a successful business. Unfortunately, health & well-being issues are a primary reason why staff burn out, become disgruntle, display a reduction in performance or resign.

If you would like to engage us to assist you and your staff, we can approach this in different ways, either via a session on Health and wellbeing where i can speak to your staff as a group and, or conduct informal confidential visits onsite or offsite with your staff members to discuss how they are coping with their role. While speaking into their lives about the importance of their role and keeping their physical and emotional fuel tanks full. This will ensure they remain healthy, happy, and productive within their role and personal lives. While also assisting them to plan and consider healthy choices moving forward.

We are here to assist you in this specialized area to help your staff to enjoy what they do to increase productivity and health within their own lives and the life of the company. An investment in your staff is an investment in the future success of the company.

Why is occupational health important?

Ensuring that occupational health is maximised will help to enforce the following benefits:

  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved company image
  • Fewer injuries

As a result, your business is likely to see an increase in business and a rise in revenue – a happy workforce is invaluable for the success of your business.