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Pastoral Guidance & Counselling



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What is Pastoral Guidance & Counselling?

At Choices Australia our pastoral guidance and can provide specialized treatment to those seeking assistance but also meet more general counseling needs, it can be considered a versatile mode of therapy. We are uniquely positioned to offer a professional level of pastoral care and guidance.

People might choose pastoral guidance and counseling when they:

  • Are not comfortable in a formal counseling setting
  • Are facing end-of-life issues
  • Want to approach health issues from a faith-based perspective
  • Have concerns that secular counselors will not validate their religious beliefs
  • Have had negative experiences with secular mental health professionals
  • Spiritual assessment
  • Grief and loss
  • Conflicts around spiritual beliefs
  • Mental health issues directly linked to religious beliefs or doctrine
  • Crises of faith
  • Reintegration into community life after institutionalization or incarceration
  • Adjusting to emotional health support when wary of the system
  • Searching spiritual answers
  • Spiritual growth
  • And many more.

Pastoral Guidance & Counselling